Hotshot Fitness operates under a remarkably simple philosophy - personal responsibility. The information contained on this site is to be used at your own discretion. We're all adults here. Or at least we should be. No one is compelling you to do the exercises listed here. All information presented is "as is" and intended for strictly informative purposes. The visitor should feel empowered to modify the regiments as he or she sees fit. If doing pull-ups hurts your elbow...don't keep doing it just because it's part of the Hotshot Workout Routine. Common Sense. That being said, if you're thinking about becoming a wildland firefighter, you should be reasonably healthy and fit. If you're not, then please bear in mind that you might not only be endangering your own life on the fireline, but those of your fellow crewmembers. It is no one's responsibility to tell you that you're not cut out for firefighting. That's your responsibility, and yours alone. Likewise, it's certainly not Hotshot Fitness' responsibility to see to it that you eat well, rest when needed, warm-up properly, stretch, use proper form when exercising, and don't over do it. If you injure yourself, well, we wish you a speedy recovery. Just don't blame us. Sometimes, Life decides to huck a curveball at your groin. Quit complaining and harden up. You'll be a better firefighter if you do.