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Training & Development

Make no mistake about it, these three crews may be classified as "training and development crews" but they're just as strong as any other crew. Their purpose is to train future fireline leaders, and assist them in getting the hands-on experience they need to lead crews of their own. The only way to learn is by doing, and these crews provide a supported mentoring environment for firefighters as they learn what it takes to make sound decisions in high-stress emergency situations.

All three crews are relatively unique by IHC standards. Each crew is composed entirely of permanent personnel who detail over from a host of different agencies (National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Fish & Wildlife Service, etc). They spend a season on a hotshot crew building up valuable experience that they can use when they return to their home unit. As a training crew, their primary mission is to provide leadership experience to their personnel, and to give them the training and support they need to progress in their careers. Firefighters come to the crew with varying degrees of experience. Some firefighters might be working on getting certified as a Task Force / Strike Team Leader, while others might still be completing their squad boss taskbook.

What are the criteria to apply?

1.) TRAINING CREWS DON'T ACTUALLY HIRE ANYONE. All crew members "detail" in to the crew for a temporary assignment and then return to their home unit. This is very important to note.

All individuals interested in detailing over to one of these crews must be Career / Career-Conditional or coop student status. In plain English, it means that you must be a permanent employee of the Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service, Bureau of Indian Affairs, or Fish and Wildlife Service and not a temporary seasonal employee. More information about how you can sign up for the apprenticeship program can be found here.

2.) Like any other hotshot cew, you will be required to pass the pack test, and be red-card certified as a "firefighter" (FFT2).

3.) One season of previous fire experience is required.

For more information about the Redding Hotshots, check out their website or contact them directly:

Supt. Dan Mallia


Applications for the Redding Hotshots 2011 Fire Season will be accepted through December 10th, 2010. The application can be found here.

For more information about the Redmond Hotshots, check out their website or contact them directly:

Superintendent Michael Muehlbauer (541) 504-7351 or (541) 408-0898 (cell)

The Redmond Hotshots are currently receiving applications for the 2012 Fire Season. They began accepting applications November 19, 2010 and will continue to receive applications through October 1, 2011. The detailed announcement as well as the application can be found here.

For more information about the Asheville Hotshots, check out their website contact them directly:

Mike Honeycutt
Superintendent, Asheville IHC

David Smallman
Crew Foreman, Asheville IHC

Applications must be accepted by October 1st 2010 for consideration for the 2011 Fire Season. Links to the application packet may be found here.