Strength & Conditioning Programs For Firefighters

Firefighters on hotshot crews pride themselves on being the toughest firefighters on the fireline. They've got to be. And so is their physical training regiment. If you want to learn how these elite wildland firefi ghters train to develop the endurance and stamina necessary to fight forest fires in some of the most brutal and unforgiving backcountry America has to offer, then you've come to the right place.

Hotshot Fitness offers all the tips, training and gear you need to get into "Hotshot Shape." Whether you're an aspiring hotshot, a smokejumper, a city firefighter, or just someone looking to kick their workout up a notch, there's something here for everyone. So bump into the green, shade up and enjoy the site!
If you think you've got a great workout program, or training advice you want to share - let us know!