How to Post a Job on Hotshot Fitness

Hotshot Fitness is uniquely suited to help your crew achieve its recruitment goals. As one of the premiere wildland firefighting sites on the internet, we're both trusted and well-known throughout the community. Hotshot Fitness receives strong daily site traffic, and the visitors that come to this site are either hotshots already, or eager to become one. Why waste time and money advertising in the local newspaper, or on major sites where only 1-2% of the job seekers are even remotely interested in a career in fire?

Best Part: It's Free to post jobs on Hotshot Fitness!!

Simply email info at with the following details and we'll put it up IMMEDIATELY!

Announcement Number
Number of Positions Available
Deadline to Apply by
Season Start Date (estimates are fine)
Notes (anything you want to add)

And that's it!