Hotshot Hall of Fame

A repository for all hotshot matter how ridiculous

This is a work in progress. In order to compile these records, we need your cooperation! Send your crews PT results to info ( at ) and we'll post them. You bust your butt in the off-season - why not earn your crew (and yourself) some bragging rights? Firefighters are a competitive bunch, right? Prove it!

What we're looking for:

Push-ups - (name, crew, year, total reps)

Pull-ups - (name, crew, year, total reps)

Sit-ups - (name, crew, year, total reps)

1.5 mile run -(name, crew, year, time)


Longest Initial Attack Shift

Most MREs Consumed in 1 hour

Etc. Etc. Etc.

Email info ( at ) with anything info that you'd like to see posted.